[Review] The Old Heart – D.G. Adams

Following the ageless tradition of a truly laissez-faire approach to singing and songwriting, D.G. Adams joins a long line of troubadours whose guttural music comes from a fire within they belly. For Adams, recent events may have stoked some of the fire heard within the recent release of The Old Heart. Certainly not void of passion, Adams is nonetheless a testament to the virtuosity of giving a flying f*ck when needed.

The Old Heart finds Adams’ range fluctuating between a Gordon Lightfoot weary type of storytelling to a more virulent and impassioned voice on record. Both ends of the spectrum are met within the record, as heard on “Fuck Life and Fuck The World.” Adams is certainly no Rage (either “Against The” Machine or “,Prophets Of”) but the sharp change in mood early on in his work is a jarring and noteworthy choice. Adams seems more comfortable, however, on the hyper-melancholy “Mother,” though it does not mean that all of his tunes are utterly despondent.

The crown jewel of The Old Heart is the supremely timely “Vegas,” a nod to the mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this year. Through this, Adams finds a chance to make sense of the situation in a mostly nonpolitical context and conveys a voice that is both gentle and rueful. Ultimately, he provides a most sincere tribute to the situation.

One can see The Old Heart as a vehicle for Adams to advance to something a slightly more sophisticated or conceptual in the future. Cross-pollinating with genres gives the singer-songwriter the ability to get out of his comfort zone – one is sure he will settle more completely into something soon.

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