[Review] Zenxienz – Cosmosis

Presenting an incredibly diverse collection of EDM inspired by the struggle of delving deeper into one’s layers of consciousness, Zenxienz’s latest record Cosmosis provides an in-person relationship to the music in any listening setting. Furthering an already eclectic catalogue of music, Zenxienz utilizes Cosmosis as a means to tap into a deeply rooted and primal set of feelings, ultimately culminating in a holistic reckoning of one’s overall relationship to music as a whole. Unconventional, progressive and evocative of the old guard of electronic music, Zenxienz has hit upon a sound that only asks listeners to be present.

Behind Zenxienz is Cameron Williamson, an artist who is no stranger to pulling a passive listener into one that is fully engaged. On “Dao,” Williamson provides more than an attention-getting soundscape – he provides a vessel that taps into some incredibly primordial reflexes.

Cosmosis moves along at a chemically-induced pace, ranging from breakneck to a contemplative oasis of sound. While a track such as “Elysium” may inhabit the more manic stream of consciousness, it is surrounded by equally grounded music. Zenxienz is the guru leading his disciples through a series of guided meditations. These meditations are not solely led by Williamson, for as any effective leader knows, one must allow their students to find their own guidance from the source material, as it were. One can feel an inspired rumination on “Dao,” a track that sounds positively new age, should a new age studio intersect with a 1998 club scene. Once again, Cosmosis bucks tradition for a much utilitarian purpose.

Steering a listener’s feelings into a unique and trustworthy environment is one of the most important functions of the record. The matter of the fact is that the latest from Zenxienz isn’t necessarily dependent on the environment the music was crafted for, but an openness to adopting a new found perception of the music regardless of environment.

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