[Review] New Sincerity Works – Wonder Lust

Deep within the after-effects of swirling guitars and Michael Stipe fueled angst, there’s likely a youth group background associated with the fellas in New Sincerity Works, but that suppressed yet necessary phase doesn’t inhibit the group one bit. With the debut of Wonder Lust, New Sincerity Works picks up where tri-monikered bands (Apples In Stereo) left off in tone of both guitar and sentiment, though taking a decidedly more warped route to get there. Nostalgic and galactic all the same, Wonder Lust perfectly captures studio frustration-cum-triumph.

Kicking off their presence with Gustav Klimt inspired cover art, Wonder Lust seems like it might have been a cheap substitute for say, an Animal Collective, but with only a few notes into the record, any thoughts that New Sincerity Works operate as a “lazy comparison” are dashed. “Midewest Reverie” is an exploration of the spaces in which the monochromatically-tuned guitar may travel, while “Just Like Vapor” is the college-rock jingle for the dormers that get sick of the felt hat and trimmed mustache crowd.

Vocalist Mike Tittel and Roger Klug on guitar make quite the duo, corroding each other’s presence in the most pleasing albeit peculiar manner. There’s an air of surprise surrounding the two. Just when one thinks they might err too far on the side of Ben Gibbard, a desert-inspired psychedelic motif from Klug brings the ear back to the perfect level of skronk, as demonstrated on the eponymous track.

Why bother with comparisons? New Sincerity Works are connoisseurs of cheeky 90s rockers and Wonder Lust is the supremely amusing pastiche for this reverence as recounted in musical form. We can use more acts on the scene to keep indie weird – good thing these fellows are a genuine bunch of chaps, too.

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