[Review] Free Willy – Remember The Alamo

This shore is some spritely music here, folks. Featuring a fast pickin’ style that’d leave Dan Hicks speechless and a knack for Americana imagery that owes a great deal to Robert Earl Keene, Free Willy’s Remember The Alamo is one the most apolitical and unapologetic salutes to a traditional style of North American folk music.

Remember The Alamo is an authentically preservationist in execution and committed to the music one might happen upon in their 4th grade state history unit, making it one of the more familiar records one might hear. The track “God Has A Name” alone serves up a helping of the folk tradition preceding Guthrie yet following Foster. With the line, “God has a name – it’s ROYGBIV,” Free Willy ensures the record certainly doesn’t disappoint those who are tickled by the music of olde.

Kevin Carter’s careening fiddle heard throughout is a sweetly sophisticated foil to the overtly earnest vocals from W.B. Jones, modest and innocent narrator of the record as he is. One of Remember The Alamo’s most notable tracks is the instrumental “Sugar Baby,” allowing Carter to take listeners on a journey that sounds straight out of the Cool Hand Luke OST. Yet another highlight is the traditional medley which contains “The Star Spangled Banner” and “America The Beautiful,” rounding out the record with music from when the original compositions saw inspiration.

Excellent for old-timers, stupendous for youngsters and all around easy listening, Remember The Alamo is a real crowd-pleaser for a crowd that needs some non-galvanized music that still purports an All-American sentiment.

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