[Song] Blakeley – Caffeine & Nicotine

A succinctly brash anthem for waning sect of country-adjacent music, Blakeley’s “Caffeine & Nicotine” is as timely as it may have been for Hank and Patsy. Of course, ol’ Harm and Ms. Cline may been tickled to hear Blakeley’s lively infusion of electronic music paired with an alternative country sound, but they would have no doubt approved. A snippet from her forthcoming EP, the Brooklynite troubadour’s sound is vivacious and uniquely modern.

Blakeley hits us at a time where both substances in the title of her track see a resurgence in popularity. Coupled with the popularity of relative apathy towards the stimulants – Blakeley herself sings, “so what if my teeth and my clothes stink” – the songstress hones in on newly formed cultural touchstones. Backed up by a feisty acoustic guitar ready to kick some shit if necessary, Blakeley is both a badass female of country and contemporary fusion.

What is perhaps of more importance within the track is the dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is typically rockabilly while incorporating modern East Coast sensibilities. In this sense, “Caffeine and Nicotine” sounds primed for remixes of all varieties and evocative of several different genres. One can easily imagine the perspectives and interpretations that will undoubtedly stem from Blakeley’s efforts.

It’s not often that two genres as disparate of country and electronica mold together with any semblance of sonic cohesion without coming off as strictly contrarian. Kudos to Blakeley for assisting in whittling away any sort of hive mind mentality about to schools of thought intermingling.

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