[Review] The Rightly So

It would be villainous to describe The Rightly So as anything other than peachy keen, with one eponymous record in the bag about as innocent as the album art may make it seem. But it does no good to wallow in the visage of the group, for the virtue of the sunny folk pop music speaks for itself.

The Rightly So is anything but challenging, yet through this presentation it may be one of the most serendipitous releases of the dog days of summer. The flowery guitars and pruned-in-church vocals are a comfort to the otherwise jagged nature of July and August winding down. A cut such as “Brushfire” may as well be the unofficial anthem of last-minute weekend bonfires commissioned by youngsters in the heartland.

Both Jess Chizuk and Gregory Zeis are well versed in the school of soft romance, taking turns throughout The Rightly So to give the audience an “I’m your pal, she’s my gal” spin on the tracks. “China Plates” allow Chizuk to blossom opposite her other half, alternatively “Hurry Up” affords Zeis his opportunity as the song and dance man. When the two converge is where the real treat lies, bringing the duet that is necessary within this particular genre.

With a record such as The Rightly So, it’s importantly to remember the relatively long tradition that is crafted in the vein of – namely, music to drive through a small town to. It’s void of erratic flange pedals, troubled bassists with hallucinogens waiting in the wings or the need to emulate the Gallagher brothers. And that’s perfectly fine. The group understands their audience, quite deeply one might argue, and they ain’t doing but playing to their base.

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