[Video] Shawna Virago – Last Night’s Sugar

Proving to be one of the most audacious and empowering figures of the 2017 punk revival (as it were) Shawna Virago’s Heaven Sent Delinquent met great acclaim as a resistance-era record. The record’s latest single, “Last Night’s Sugar” may be one of the breakout hits for Virago, but it is also an important and understated look into the singer-songwriter’s more furtive realm of emotions. Serving as a touchstone for a great deal of our contemporary populace, “Last Night’s Sugar” isn’t simply a personal narrative, but a highly relatable tale for those feeling displaced in modern times.

The track’s accompanying video takes place within a nondescript apartment, with Virago wandering throughout the figurative and literal maze set before her. A rather somber tune, Virago’s powerful vocals and perfectly sparse guitarwork nonetheless shine through, allowing for the song to recall some nostalgia than pure melancholia. The bare bones approach that Virago steers the single with is the ingenious way in which she establishes herself as a poet laureate of the beleaguered.

“Last Night’s Sugar” is an ultimately relatable track, imagery surrounding the gambling woes aside, as it details the despair one might find when living in substandard arrangements or dingy tenements. Virago, however, is a success story in this sense and can serve as a beacon of hope for others experiencing the struggle of relationship hardships and living simply. A song of survival and perseverance, it reflects Virago’s overall message well – punk needn’t always be achieved through the conventional means of the genre. In fact, Virago even offers that many machines can kill fascists, even if the fascists exist in one’s own past.

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