[Review] The Kiss That Took A Trip – Punk Cathedral

M.D. Trello certainly had his work cut out for him. After nearly a decade of homespun EP releases under the moniker of The Kiss That Took A Trip, Trello put himself in a place of potential creative vulnerability. Embracing the confined space on Punk Cathedral, The Kiss That Took A Trip finds Trello not only overcoming the hazards of longevity, but having fun with what it means to fully realize an experimental project.

The Kiss That Took A Trip has the advantage of taking on several forms from the mores of 80’s electronica to a modernistic industrial sound. Bearing that in mind, Punk Cathedral performs best on tracks such as “Crapola,” giving the album an Eno type of turn in order for one to get behind the persona of Trello more intimately. The record is nonetheless mottled with the dissonant and ambiguous pieces that communicate through both content and length (see: the 7 minutes-plus “Dry Swallowed Pill”)

Trello is no stranger to throwing his listeners a bone with a piece such as “Love + algebra,” an in-joke for long-time fans of The Kiss That Took A Trip. Hearkening back through a hodgepodge of the early 90’s styles and sounds that no doubt influenced Trello, it’s the undeniable banger of the album. As focused as Punk Cathedral may find itself in nailing down a tribute to the inherent madness of noise, it accomplishes establishing an ironic streak throughout it that is just as necessary as the pretension it wishes to dispel.

The Kiss That Took A Trip is undergoing some reprogramming and Trello has brought an audience along to experience being in the soundscapes of the required maintenance. Why not delight alongside Trello’s personal triumphs on Punk Cathedral?

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