[EP] Andrew Goldring – Morning Light

Without sounding too brazenly hopeful, Andrew Goldring has released one of the most acute and self-aware EPs of 2017 Morning Light is a dissident’s answer to the seemingly mandatory irreverence of the normcore scene, conjuring up some spiritual imagery in place of images plastered on the sides of convenience stores. Though, in more of the context than simply missing one’s foundation in faith, for example, Goldring instead has a thing or two to say about how his unbelief has impacted his psyche. Goldring challenges much more on his release, and does so with perhaps more efficacy than his fellow baseball cap wearers.

Kicking off the set of tracks with “Cosmic Dance,” Goldring displays his bold approach to the arena of post-slacker rock, entirely eschewing any question of “slacker” from the equation. With just enough flange and mellow vocal delivery, Goldring tempers his sound into the style of easy-listening post-rock, as it were. Another selection, “Beautiful Lie” finds itself in the more high-flying sort of escapades, though if only through means of basement doom.
Morning Light takes a Grace-esque turn with the title track, and while Goldring may not math the junior Buckley’s powerfully angelic highs, he certainly taps into some latent theology nonetheless. It’s difficult to tell whether or not its Goldring’s intent to pursue a hymnal adjacent route, but it works for the overall devotionally inquisitive nature of the EP.

Goldring isn’t quite John Mark McMillan nor his he preciously twangy or felt-clad enough to fall into the country scene, but his own personal line of questioning ushers the music down an interesting path. Morning Light may seem more heavily allegorical in title than the pleasant listening experience it produces, but for an otherwise embryonic force entering the existentially-laden field of recording, Goldring is headed in the right direction.

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