[EP] Erich Frisch – Late In The Night

Chalk it up to the presence of the warm and inviting piano or the fluency in the jukebox era approach to love songs, but Erich Frisch’s latest EP, Late In the Night certainly sounds like something tempered within the Reginald Kenneth Dwight camp of songwriting. With this apparent literacy, Frisch finds romance in the most sincere places, filling in an impenetrable hollow of joy among desperation. Late In the Night is a most orderly route to no more lonely nights, as it were, despite a few stops addressing hesitation along the way.

Frisch’s presence on the EP is airy and effortless. Though he clearly owns the tracks contained within, he is not some harbinger of raw emotion nor a soothsayer of some greater scheme surrounding relationships. Frisch simply presents charming piano-based ballads. Among several genres he apparently draws from, there are hints of early surf rock throughout the songwriter’s work, but those nuances inhabit the feelings of jovial summer youth culture versus any sort of malignant psychedelia.

The track “Turn On Your Light” may very well be Frisch’s Matt Costa ticket – coffeeshop ready and primed for a digital collection of he consciously gentle singer-songwriters. Reportedly recorded in one take, Late In The Night is impressive is not solely for portraying Frisch’s accuracy and ability to align with a mid 1960’s sound immediately after displaying a much more contemporary palette.

Modest, affectionate, and impressive without relying on any audacious or campy parlor tricks, Late In The Night is one of the most delightful EPs of the year.

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