[Review] It’s Just Craig – Dark Corners

Much like a release from your reserved yet thoughtful friend from high school that you knew would someday find their musical footing, the modestly-monikered It’s Just Craig finds the shy side of indie rock in its periphery. On Dark Corners, the group (a surprising amalgam of those who have worked with longtime alt-rock darlings) barely registers above a whisper, yet finds an inviting niche without an unwarranted level of secrecy .

Dark Corners finds a fun outlet for those involved rather than something wholly profound. It’s irresistibility lies in the recognizable tropes of production a la John Vanderlice, bringing Kill The Moonlight and Actor era sounds to an otherwise modern touch to the genre. It’s a testament to the staying power of these sounds, and perhaps the universality that the mid 00’s indie troupe has unwittingly produced – with help from It’s Just Craig members themselves.

The record hits its stride near “Goodnight” resembling a Death Cab effort funneled through a feeling that more patently atmospheric. It’s Just Craig smartly crafts a listening experience that veers towards cosmic without leaning too heavily on jazz nuances or the road crew from Funkadelic. Dark Corners is a rare – albeit short – gathering of incredibly smart delegates from camps that represent a wide swath of understanding.

If nothing else, Dark Corners provides the calming feeling that can be produced from a genuine attempt to make something relatively serene. It’s Just Craig may not find themselves entirely untroubled, but their lack of importance placed on extravagance is more than pleasing.

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