[Review] Eric Anders – Eleven Nine

Outside of the various avenues of hip-hop and otherwise comedic attempts at politcally charged music, the market of musical Presidential bashings since Trump formally took office has been somewhat sallow. There are, undoubtedly, a slew of musicians plugging away under the radar, much like Eric Anders. Anders, however, may be an extraordinary case, with his self-proclaimed “Anti-Trumpism” record Eleven Nine, the singer-songwriter commits an entire album his disdain and fear of the current POTUS.

In any other context, tracks such as “Looking Forward To Your Fall” and “The Fire Has Burned Too Long” would hit just as hard as any old typical Americana endeavors regarding heartache and self-doubt. Anders, however, has subverted the trope of the typical rootsy sound for something much more topical and perhaps universal to many – the fear and worry that follows a prominent fellow who many perceive as a demagogue.

Eleven Nine is eighty percent gloom and doom, though perhaps that best encapsulates the cultural feelings that Anders had encountered. “How Low and Why” is the songwriter’s obligatory folksy-introspection turned dirge, an interesting addition to a record from a CA-based musician. There’s no doubt that Anders is rubbing elbows with other disillusioned sympathizers in his neck of the woods, if not nationwide. Ironically, the album’s bright spot comes in the form of “Who’ll Stop The Rain,” CCR’s jauntiest song about loathing the world you live in.

One of the most interesting aspect of the Eleven Nine is that the proceeds are reportedly going to Lamba Legal, an entity that has long fought the government regarding civil rights issues. While some Trump haters simply talk, Anders is using his art to influence some change in policy.

In the grand scheme of anti-presidential records, Anders may not outmaneuver Roger Waters, but he certainly puts himself in a positive light.

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