[Song] Ivan Beecroft – Believe

With little room before skewing towards either pitiful or overly romantic, the singles celebrating the aftermath of a breakup are not necessarily anything new. From “Spicks and Specks” era Bee Gees to our current gilded age of pop as it is all of the sundried genres and eras in between. The male songster, as it were has received ample time to cultivate an ode to the ghosts of partners past.

In the case of Ivan Beecroft, “Believe” falls somewhere on the spectrum of hopefully optimistic and a gleeful tonic for what may have been the inevitable. Replete with a bouncing piano track and pre-ordered drum fills, Beecroft may have fit well with the late 1970’s studio troubadours.

However, amidst the great efforts of our singer-songwriter luminaries and the bonafide masterworks that have come out of romantic turbulence, “Believe” comes off as slightly hollow in comparison with a multitude of Beecroft’s contemporaries. At times, Beecroft’s voice wanes as if losing excitement over the meticulously selected track.

One can’t fault Beecroft all too much on his apparent lack of enthusiasm. The lethargic tendencies of “Believe” are far outweighed by the boundless ebullience of the track as a whole. It is less difficult to see the faults in Beecroft’s process of working through turmoil than it is to accept yet another entry into a packed field.

At the very least, Beecroft provides a refreshing take on a tired idea that aligns with a more positive social consciousness. Beecroft is tapping into a market of music that finds the more congenial side of self-revelation.

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