Logwitch – Trail of The Contortionist

Too frequently the idea of conceptual electronica ephemera is dismissed as a viable casual listening option, on reasons entirely founded on the basis that it such music may end up sounding like an OST to a Playstation game or ambiance music piped into a Swedish Spencer’s Gifts. Failing to generation proper demarcation between the sub-genres building team within EDM such as nuerohop, artists providing a simple yet greater global perspective to the music get steamrolled entirely.

Logwitch bolsters the credibility of a more astute yet overlooked cranial subgenre on “Trail of The Contortionist,” a release that provides cultural diffusion in title alone. “Contortionist” is a furtive though romantic view into the psyche of cities and the inhabitants within the. Thoroughly unconventional, Logwitch still manages to provide a breadth of familiarity. “Trial” draws upon the semi-industrial touchstones in the same vein of Chinese Man, with a soupcon of the dandy and unassuming a la The Wanted.

Part in parcel with subgenres as hyper specific as nuerohop is grasping onto musical nodes that speak for their repetition, failing to establish proper impact upon first listen despite reinforcing themes in their purpose. “Trail Of The Contortionist” is admittedly not best suited for only one listen, though it’s doubtful that something so calculated should exist as such.

For what it may lack in casual nature it quickly makes up for with an involving narrative. Not just tailored for audiophiles or the quasi-philosophical day tripper, “Trial of The Contortionist” speaks to a simple winning element – substance.

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