[Song] Menomonee Road – Edward & Graham

Falling into the recently revered and heavily –touted sounds of the contemporary outlaw scene, Edward & Graham are poster perfect vendors of the “voice as sweet an Tennessee Honey” heroes and villains that dapple the roadmap of the wild genre we know as “country music.”
The charming “Menomonee Road” is not only a literal cultural pit stop in verse, but a marker of the shape of Americana to come. A sound joyous reserved under the cover an otherwise ornery nightfall.

Edward and Graham, like many duos of the decidelyun-dubious scene, have found it imperative to keep up with the big screen adaptation of country culture – see Hell or High Water – and have moved away from microbrews and felt hats. Instead, they wander back into older, more familiar territory providing the soundtrack to bottom of the barrel coffee roasts and apparel that can only be described as salt of the Earth.

“Menomonee Road” may not be the complete regression of a time fooling around in a GTO, but it’s certainly a strong departure from the bohemian chic so widely supported but 5 years ago. The no frills guitarwork is a heroic nod to a British Isles derivative tune.
Though a recently new duo, Johnny Edward and Evan Graham Dunn have begun an auspicious collaboration. So long as their sound doesn’t meander into bon marche of mandolin and off-kilter bass, they ought to be something to watch.

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