[Review] BONOMO – Phases

What an instantly soothing yet rich sound that Bonomo creates through Phases. With atmospheric themes and vamps that echo easy listening yet resemble an astute East Coast rhetoric for rhythm and blues, Phases finds the whippoorwills of a progressive sound, sending them through the chutes of soul as we know it. A triumph in many senses of the word, Adam Bonomo and Andrew Renfroe have once again energized a niche with supreme creativity rather than simply paying homage to its roots.
Under the umbrella of BONOMO are several entities and influencers with a strong narrative. Rather than pleasing a singular master of folk or R&B, Bonomo and Renfroe brings all concerned parties to the fray. Fusion, in the form that it succeeds for such an abstract case, is on display through Phases. Winningly ubiquitous and genuinely enticing for disciples of soul, BONOMO is elevated from simply a background music record to a full-fledged conversation piece through Renfroe and Bonomo toying with the interpersonal interaction that the sounds find in one another.

Phases allows the listener time to breathe, and considering that the effort is not a native experience such as one cultivated through Thievery Corporation, BONOMO has provided a great service. Swapping the transcendental festival oeuvre for a more calculated soundtrack to trip the light fantastic, Phases is modern without being too industrial, it’s cerebral enough without being displaying cowardice.

Undoubtedly, this record has nuances that will blossom upon repeat listens. Digest and repeat multiple times for full impact.

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