[Review] April Martin – In The Blink of a Life

In a subtle reflection on a life well lived, April Martin stirs up her own personal phantoms and awakens some spirits of New York’s collective culture in her latest In The Blink of A Life. Martin, though later to songwriting than some, has found nostalgia’s important place in the psyche and the irrepressible conditions caused by the evocations of nostalgia. According to Martin, there’s no threshold for the importance or compartmentalization of one’s memories – and with the Blink of a Life, a compelling case is made.

Martin, a psychologist-cum-songwriter is as concerned with the procedural nature of her record as she is the simplicity of reminiscing about the foundations of her musical upbringing. The titular theme of The Blink of A Life may be concerned with how simply one can wrap up their lives to best serve a memoir.

Though, Martin’s gentle picking and hushed production may give further sense into the backwards journey one makes when analyzing their past and the implied silence when words fail to encapsulate a meaning. Standout tracks such as “Looking Back” remind one of a Judy Collins deep cut while “My Rock and Rain” is nearly a carbon-copy of Emmylou’s 80’s catalogue. With a certain almost tropical production at times, Martin sounds as though she might be projecting some desire to be out of the lofts and apartments of the city and somewhere more desirable. In fact, that vein runs through the entirety of Martin’s work – a desire for void that nostalgia fills and provides escape from simultaneously.

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