[Song] Horses Run With Me – Von Konow

A love letter to Simple Minds or Big Audio Dynamite, for better or worse, von Konow is fully stuck within a zeitgeist. The bombastic headlines of sound that resonated over the pond in the early 1980’s still make a ripple in von Konow’s single, “Horses Run With Me,” though it may not be as significant as one might have hoped for.

A self-described art-rock artist, von Konow certainly fits the bill of avant-garde, doing so in a modern approach that blends modern day classicism with an elitist’s knowledge of European new wave. The song gallops into the greater ethereal wall of sound before reacting with Konow’s peculiar vocals to create something that bears an incredibly strong semblance to a fabled youth familiar only to another culture.

At times, the song can feel inaccessible due to Konow’s arbitrary storytelling, moving around the track like a phantom in the studio. Still, the ever-familiar blue note of his wrought synth-rock sound, as it were, resonates a great deal when it does hit. “Horses Run With Me” may have a somewhat nonsensical narrative layered over a ever-complex melody.

Still, Konow comes by it honest in the single. What might initially seem an over the top stylized European glam single is an inspirited glimpse into traveling the world and the madness behind a loner-ism of sorts. Reaching across the aisle isn’t always simpe – reaching across the pond can be even more difficult. In either scenario, Marko von Konow has extended unto the listener a hand.

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