[EP] Gert Taberner – Fallen

Masterfully understated and without hesitating beauty, Gert Taberner isn’t just one of the emotionally vocal caste of singer-songwriters, his performances are often why the genre continues to thrive. Taberner’s succinct yet powerful EP Fallen, is an entrancing micro-victory on many levels. It’s just enough of a taste for one to get a toehold on Taberner’s subdued toehold, while cleansing the palette and leaving one wanting for more in one fell swoop.

The semi-titular track, “Falling” reminds one of an early pursuit from the likes of Ben Howard, with Taberner falling slowly into the ethereal stream without sinking into melancholia. Swiftly avoiding the pitfalls of his colleagues (and Starbucks checkout luminaries) not through reinventing the genre but through dwelling on something tangible, such as relocating to the United States. There’s only so much that the Christian Youth Group Approved/Young Romance Exists crowd can milk their stalwarts for lest they become the unalternative goon squad – Taberner isn’t falling for it.

Perhaps most pleasantly surprising from Fallen is the JD Lang-inspired “Places,” rounding out the trio of tracks with a seductively minor intervals-laden blues entry. Taberner finds he needn’t get all too heavy when becoming involved in topics that are outside of his purview of songwriting via relocation and the woes of romancing his new location. Fallen is in honest in approach, meager in its appraisal and an unassuming entry of embarking in the land of opportunity.

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