[Song] Agency – Coward

With a perfect call to arms for our current socio-political climate, R&B crooner Agency may not be able provide all the solutions for our unrest, however he can certainly bring a heated issue to the forefront of our collective attentions with “Coward.” As musicians and mere listeners themselves still reeling over the election results earlier this month, Agency saw the writing on the wall regardless of the outcome. “Coward” is not so much a single that sounds reactionary as it is one that is highly reflexive.

Advocating for a safe space to exercise his freedom of speech – if not quite literally requesting a physical spot to do so – Agency pleas his fellow man to afford him the opportunity to air his opinion without being persecuted for doing so. It’s a dark reminder that someone needs to beg in order to evoke the First Amendment, and reflects an enormous amount of questions many are asking themselves.

Agency hops into the shoes of a Curtis Mayfield or a D’Angelo effortlessly, with a soulful beat bumping behind quite heavy lyrical content. Agency is clearly not unfamiliar with communicating an important message that is easily shared in multiple senses of the word, and has the tenacity to stand up for his beliefs. A call to arms for the disenfranchised to be able to represent themselves in a very franchised world, “Coward,” finds Agency acting as anything but the titular figure.

“Coward” follows the release of Agency’s PolitikaRAMA EP, while certainly following the same left of post-truth narrative that many artists have been promoting.

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