[EP] Matt Townsend – The Drifter And The Dream Part 1

Matt Townsend is of the wild sort, though in a conventional ferocity such as extending a solo slightly too long at an awards performance. Ah, yet even still, Townsend employs the small town feller furtively fascinated with astral planes mentality, which seems to be the route the country parishioners are taking these days to get someone to take note. It’s certainly worked, as Townsend’s The Drifter and The Dream Part 1 EP is anything but sitting on the back porch music – it’s straight off the back porch into the territory of moon beams.

Book-smart and pennywise is the narrative Townsend lays out, trepidatious of his fascination with the Hegel-ian side of questioning life while still carrying on with some ho-hum dumfounded guise as not to arise suspicions. The EP’s title track is a withdrawn yet reverent look into the alleged pitfalls of knowing too much and having no outlets, spiritually or scholarly to tap into. It’s a lonely feeling, as lonely as belonging to the ever-expanding cosmos can get.

“Came Down From The Mountain” is Townsend’s catchiest tune of the EP, with a fun “she’s my gal, I’m her pal type” of harmony played over the veritable wagon wheel of song. The related innocence covering Townsend’s tracks lest he be found out is captivating, and far flung from anything too preachy. We oughta hear Townsend out – he may be on to something.

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