[Video] Christina Rubino – Godspeed and Guns

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the entirely abstract absurdity of Beck’s video for “Loser” and how his pine box rolling around Glendale and East L.A. was such a perfect metaphor for apathetic loner culture at its finest. Since “Loser,” I might posit that every video in the same vein is doing its damnedest to imitate Hansen’s ode to forgoing his youth, while managing the formula by adding their own obsessions and hangups.

Succcinctly put, Christina Rubino’s, “Godspeed and Guns” is the ultimate rockabilly-Thelma & Louise-stylized-hissing with mariachi video wound tightly in a deranged little package. A long form video, Rubino’s “Godspeed and Guns” splices scenes from DTLA, the open road and suburbia into a murderous and psychological snapshot of California youth.

Rubino is clearly intrepid and quite the presence on screen, shifting between the nature of reality and an unreal pinup phantom. “Godspeed and Guns” carries plenty of cultural attaches, from tattooed dolls to Spanish horns to dismantling the patriarchy. Director Frankie Nasso gives the video a Robert Rodriguez type of texture, while incorporating some of the over-the-top overt rock fantasy one might expect from a Tool video. The reward outweighs any gimmick, and the Hollywoodian aspect shines through as the plot unfolds.

Runbino proves that murder ballads exist outside of the bluegrass genre, or perhaps that darkly romantic corridos are still kicking if you know where to look. While it may no be as Loadicean as Mellow Gold, it’s still a kick.

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