[Video] The Naveblues – Thank You

There isn’t much room for Led Zeppelin covers unless one is Robert Plant himself or somewhere in the Scandanavian region. Fortunately for The Naveblues, they fall into the latter category and provide a future concept with their new music video for the cover of “Thank You”, Zeppelin II’s unsung hero.

Set in a distant time period and presumably upon a Mars colony, the video for The Naveblues take on “Thank You” depicts a young woman marveling at her modernistic surroundings and reflecting on the planet before her. There’s also some implied traces of romance, with our narrator giddily handling a note with the song’s title at the end.

While vocalist Nave Pundik doesn’t attempt to emulate the bravado and incredibly wry nature of Robert Plant’s vibrato, an attempt to do so would be futile. Instead, Pundik tilts the song towards something a version that might be included in an expanded set of the Clerks OST. While still bluesy and tinged with a haze of psychedelia, it differs from the original by laying out its charming imperfections on the table.

Whereas nearly everything on Led Zeppelin II seemed to point towards the tastes of a record aficionado, the Naveblues take an otherwise perfect song and lay out their imperfections in its recording on the table with awarbling harmonica and lilted yet powerful guitar underneath Pundik’s disenchanted vocals. Who might have guess that Norway blues-rock could provide such a succinct modern day pastiche of proto-slacker rock favorites.

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