[Live] Temples at The Teragram Ballroom 10.14.16

For the uninitiated, Temples may seem like a glamorized throwback to the murky depths of 60’s British psychedelia and otherwise buried Nuggets-era treats. In a sense, it’s not entirely untrue.

Unlike their contemporaries Tame Impala, however, Temples exist in a perfect sort of vacuum, without succumbing to any sort of name recognition or outside influences of pushing synthesizers on themselves, no matter how sleek the outcome.
In their one-off show at the Teragram on Thursday, preceding the ever-expanding waistline of the “Desert Daze” festival, Temples showed a crowded house how far fandom can take a show – on both sides of the stage.
Playing the majority of their consummate debut Sun Structures as well as cuts from their forthcoming sophomore record, Temples powered through nearly 90 minutes of material, relying on hallucinogenic dabbled jams to fill the void.
Lead singer and guitarist James Edward Bagshaw rarely spoke to the audience, instead speaking through walls of feedback and distortion rather than supplying artificial banter with the Teragram audience.

“The last time we were in Los Angeles was playing at the Fonda Theatre,” said Bagshaw in one of his few moments of dialogue. “And no offense to anyone who may have come out to that but you are a much better crowd than they were.”

The new tracks from Temples upcoming release were just as vivacious and mythical as those from the band’s 2014 release, with a synth-rock tinge swept over them. Temples aren’t coy about their new work – presenting it with an air that made it seem part of a much more aged group’s long-standing catalogue.

img_3512Without novelty tied to the equation, Temples reminded one of what a late 60’s mod group might have brought to DTLA had the scene expanded wide enough yet. Still, with the ally of time and better judgment in equipment on their side, Temples remains an excellent amalgam of the British Wave in totality – representing the decades and genres across the pond in a succinct and coy manner. Temples may be the most perfect British psychedelic front on the scene today, but for the group it’s obvious that perfection is a constant work in progress.

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