[Video] Von Grey – Creep

Within the first few notes of Von Grey’s adaptation of Radiohead’s oft coveted and more often covered “Creep,” it’s easy to feign familiarity. Perhaps one thinks they’ve heard the cover in the trailer for an autumn drama or accompanying a sale on Amazon Fire products, and they’d be wrong. To be fair, it’s an honest mistake to come by, mistaking anything after the infamous Scala Choir’s “Social Network” cover to be anything but.

Though, instead of the often indulgent bare-bones minor chord piano and choir covers of popular songs that seemingly pop up at every turn (see: any summer blockbuster trailer) Von Grey take the 24-year-old “Creep” and give it an actual treatment. “Creep” has been cranked through the creepy-contemporary-ambient machine more times than a DIY Edward Scissorhands tattoo kit passed down from Humbolt to The Valley. Von Grey lend a tinge of Allison Krauss alongside a soupçon of Chvrches resulting in something thoroughly 2010’s as opposed to 1992 plus a side of Crystal Lite.

Von Grey’s video for “Creep” is overwhelmingly powerful and sensual, with the ladies of the quartet relinquishing their respective stringed instruments to the muse of Pablo Honey and submitting to an inevitable Thom Yorke style fit while doing so. Understandably, it’s near impossible to perform the song without launching into a routine like the cock-eyed Radiohead frontman, yet Von Grey does it with such grace that it seems utterly organic. From anyone who has ever had to endure a classical arrangement of a Radiohead track, the deepest of thanks are extended to Von Grey for issuing something palatable, shareable and rewarding all the same.

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