Featured Artist: Simon Benegas

There’s room for more acutely aware and crisply tracked singer-songwriters like Simon Benegas, who emulates the forecast of the route that many thought Newton Faulkner or Ben Howard might take. With two tremendously satisfying EPs – The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow, Benegas take a hopeful approach to a surveyor’s expectations of modern folk.

Though both EPs saw a 2015 release, they feel stylized from something we may have heard nearly a decade ago – early Devendra Banhart or an over the pond Thrills. Age Of Simple and its companion release are not stuck in a time, but it reminds one of the rich production and noted time that went into releasing the records. Benegas is clearly a student of his (recent) folk forefathers without falling into the mire of repeating their mistakes and release follies.12039294_774605546018346_7452291673699627088_n

Though, considering Benegas is based out of Buenos Ares, there is a distinct piquancy to his arrangements arguably absent from nearly anything North American for the past half-decade. Benegas, unlike his contemporaries, sounds both thoroughly energized and as if some surprise is waiting for him within the recording studio or the final pressing. This perceived lack of arrogance endears the listener to Benegas, while simultaneously giving the impression that there is more to gain from sinking time into his recordings.

It’s a shame 2015 wasn’t more of a noteworthy time for Benegas, but the following year seems to be shaping up nicely for some traffic and accolades coming his way. The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow are likely indications of a fruitful and eager career to come. Props on providing a cross-cultural listening experience that is much more than the cursory experiences of the majority of your comrades behind guitars.

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