[Review] The Slang – Night and Day

An instant micro victory for The Slang – with the sun-bleached, splayed out, and unironically fuzzy EP Night and Day. The D.C. hipsters (and I am referring to the late 1960’s colloquial use of the term) finally seem at ease with their latest, even if it is for but only 5 tracks.

Combining the best of Rivers Cuomo and the good ol’ days when Incubus wasn’t trying to prove anything, The Slang provide an increasingly aware presence of their brand of Vans-rock in the waning days of summer, as it were. Still, the boys are (as far we as know) convincingly blissed out all the while, “We’ll call it progress just to get back where we’re from,” screams John Bobo on “Breakthrough.”

As much palpable self-doubt remains, Night And Day seems slightly little tongue-in-cheek. One would hazard a guess that perhaps Bobo is putting on his brave face for at least one listener in particular without launching into an-all too personal attack.

Quasi-academic renderings aside, some underlying aspect of Night and Day is attuned to a slacker perspective as well – and we ain’t talking Demarco here, folks. Rather, it hearkens back to a time of Yellowcard reigning supreme with so-called hardcore tendencies that ended up scrubbing the gutters for a PBR as opposed to sleeping in it. The Slang doesn’t try to purport any level of ascribed normcore trash – it’s all a very benign and friendly sort of laggard to-do. Perfect to throw on for your drive to a hike or simply while you’re frying up some discount grocery store lunch.

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