[Review] Temporary Hero – You’re About To Have Your Hands Full

Temporary Hero has proven time again that slick production is nothing without a level of conscious romanticism. Luckily, our Hero (nee Jonah Bell) has both in spades, and continues to wow us with his latest EP, “You’re About To Have Your Hands Full.”

Under the guise of Temporary Hero, Bell is able to extend his talent to covers just as well (if perhaps even a better fashion) than his originals. This isn’t to necessarily imply that one needs a façade in order to produce worthwhile music. Rather, Temporary Hero is an ambitious, multifaceted, adventurous musician who can tackle Tears For Fears with just as much integrity as a cut from Nevermind. Jonah Bell, on the other hand, is a reserved, contemplative fellow with a penchant for leaning towards contemporary house music.

“You’re About To Have Your Hands Full” finally exemplifies the distinction between the two figures – Bell and Temporary Hero – and allows for a better examination of their musical psyches. It’s a fun practice in examining personalities, however – with both sides of the conversation producing some wildly terrific material. Hero’s cover of “The Hurting” is perhaps one of the best re-imaginings of the Brit-pop idols debut track. Bell’s “I’m So Insane” is akin to an Ezra Koenig effort, subtly academic and painfully enlightened.

Yet, the common thread between them all is present – a need to be accepted by the genres the artists is trying to please. “You’re About To Have Your Hands Full” may quite literally exemplify the struggle necessary to please multiple masters. If so, Temporary Hero is well on the way to doing just that.

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