[Song] He Is Me – Let It Drip

Even in title alone, “Let It Drip” is a daringly gloomy and satisfying patische of classic goth-rock and formative industrial noise. Duo He Is Me takes a few pages from the back catalogue of Gary Numan and melds them with the inner monologue of an unraveling skeptic to produce something that is authentic in sound and nostalgic in ambience.

“Let It Drip” is much like an Are Friends Electric riff gone awry and mutated into an entire single. The call-and-response technique throughout is maddening and familiar altogether, with a nod to the cerebral quotient of early 80’s rock that would form the likes of our later decade experimental electronica.

There’s something brimming beneath the surface of “Let It Drip” that comes off as peculiarly Nordic – or at the very least, Swedish – in nature. He Is Me is brimming with an overzealous and enraged sort of persona that can seemingly only stem from a conditioned life some cold climate or a proclivity towards jumbling around Magical Mystery Tour lyrics into more depth than originally intended.

Still, He Is Me presents an entrancing conundrum on their single – what would befall an outfit that attempted to channel some long past longing for acceptance via means of purported inadequacy? Luckily for Casey Braunger and Steve Moore the inadequacy is replaced with actual utility of skills. An overall bummer for their product? Perhaps if you’re into that mythos. I have a sneaking suspicion they know exactly what they’re doing.

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