[Review] Sluka – Introversions

It’s a rare occurrence when an album is so utterly disconnected from anything relevant that there is little to say about in either positive or negative terms, though Sluka’s Introversions may be an exception to the rule. One even hesitates to outright call it a poor record– simply due to the fact that this record seems too calculated to be so knowingly awful.

Without spoiling too much, Introversions is most akin to a Yanni record where in the manhimself stepped into the booth, grabbed a handful of pills from a cereal, and said to the producer with completely black pupils, “give me every sound I’ve ever had on one layer.”Sluka’s sound is so overwhelmingly bombastic and cartoon-like that it sounds like a parody of a PBS live special – and perhaps it is.

The madness picks up with the track “Doctor Strangelove,” where a live performance of an otherwise entirely off the rails performance to an adoring audience. The tracks to sound like something cut up from every demo ever acquired and spliced into one comprehensive tune for the soundtrack of your mother’s date night.

Still, Chris Sluka himself doesn’t have a poor vocal range – it’s actually quite good. Had he chosen some more conventional instrumentation to accompany it, he’d sound like a more matured Wham! rather than the 13 tracks Introversions presents.

It truly doesn’t seem that Introversions was created to kiss off any fans or label – it seemslike a genuine effort to craft a record that embodies Sluka’s eras of musical discovery. But for Pete’s sake, could they have at least come up with a better album cover?

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  1. “Utterly irrelevant bombastic Yanni on Mom’s date night playlist!” I think that should be your title. It would definitely grab more attention. Look, I understand, there’s a lot of music out there I just don’t “get.” Usually I just switch it off, but I often try and find something to access, to find the inspiration behind it. To maybe figure out why other people dig it. Yes, I’ve been around, and I know how to write simple 3-chord songs. This album took awhile to put together, longer than a dorm night party fueled by energy drinks & vaping while adjusting auto tune on an iPad recording app. The people that like this are those that understand it might take more than a few listens, because it will hopefully be listened to for longer than a few days or weeks. Your review was visceral and creative. Although it’s creative for insulting, like Don Rickles. You could be the Don Rickles of music reviews. Now there’s an achievable aspiration for you!… But really, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to give it at least a cursory listen. I’m not trying to be retro or trendy. I just tried to put together the best album I could. In your opinion I failed miserably. But there are many people who hated & dismissed The Beatles, David Bowie, Tears For Fears, Radiohead, Coldplay, The Killlers, etc….. So I’m smiling because I know what this is and might very well become….. Admit it, you had to look up who Don Rickles was, didn’t you!

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