[Song] Post Death Soundtrack – Beauty Eyes I Adore

There is always some particularly fascinating fallout whenever Massive Attack seems to regroup, and Post Death Soundtrack is no exception.

On “Beauty Eyes I Adore,” the Canadian trip-hop heirs demonstrate a dizzying proclivity for abandonment of grammar as well as a bred in captivity approach to underscoring the singer-songwriter. The Post Death Soundtrack moniker implies more doom than the reality of educated and polished production, but that’s ultimately little to quibble about.

A great deal of the charm on “Beauty Eyes I Adore” one supposes, is due to how akin the track is to a Best of Bowie era remix of an Aladdin Sane cut – there’s several layers of nostalgia and zeitgeist appropriate tip-hop removed. Still, Post Death Soundtrack does it earnest, albeit in some sort of “auditioning for the Veronica Mars ‘additional score’ ” sort of fashion.

Then again, these zeitgeist trip-hop acts are thriving for a reason intrinsic to their genre – theoretically they can never exit popular tastes because they exist for the very reason to satisfy some nice of nostalgia. (If this all comes off as self-serving, give it a listen, it’s promised to become less hazy.) “Beauty Eyes I Adore” is a terrific and bold casting off of the veneer of festival trip-hop, translating into a home-oriented listening experience. Dust off your mother’s desktop and give them a go.

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