[Song] Alexandra – Criminal

It’s a sincere hope that we hear more from Alexandra in the near future, because she’s no doubt close from truly hitting her niche, whatever that may be. With “Criminal,” the latest single from the Australian-based singer-songwriter, Alexandra’s ferocity is no doubt present, yet the formative qualities of her sound are somewhat muddled in pseudo-Tony Hawk era alt-rock ephemera.

Produced by former Sound City legend Keith Olsen, “Criminal” tries its damnedest to capture a modernistic Stevie Nicks feeling, but it ultimately makes Alexandra seem as though she’s trying far too hard to incriminate herself. In fact, the stripped-down demo of the tune does wonders for the young singer-songstress, putting her music in a light much more akin to The Hi-Wire than a strange takeoff of Zach de la Rocha. Still, there’s an undeniable intensity in “Criminal” that’s ready to get tweaked from angsty to fierce. It’s just a matter of finding the correct era of Stevie to model it after (I’m looking at you, Keith.) It’s nearly radio ready, but perhaps tightening the reins on the production would be an odd yet responsible tactic to amending it.

Alexandra has plenty of time to mature in her sound, which is incredibly good news. Another track ought to be along shortly which will certainly give her the break she deserves in due diligence rather than championing something anthemic solely for the sake of being anthemic. Keep an eye on this one.


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