[Song] Oscar Vega – Lucy

Is there a new trend spurred by normcore disciples making their foray into dissonant and oddly post-industrial trip hop? If the societal answer to that question is an unambiguous “probably?” then we have got to step back and look at the music-related ramifications. Whether or not such a progression ends up going too far or proves too problematic is up for debate, but nonetheless Oscar Vega’s “Lucy” provides some context for overall growing inquiry.

Vega’s latest track resembles the stripped-down punctuality favored by the likes of The Weeknd. “Lucy” is undoubtedly the work of a young artist still finding his toehold in a realm wholly unknown to him, but one can’t help hearing a thick layer of pre-irony on the song. Vega is one delayed flange effect away from a slacker rock cut despite masquerading behind something that sounds like Spotify’s 2014 end of the year wrap up.

Then again 18-year-old, Virginia-based Vega is just barely making his foray into the world of professional music. If it were up to many of our 18-year-old selves, we’d be off much worse with a terrible amalgam of far too many genres. Vega – sans irony or not – at the very least presents an interesting merger of two wholly different tastes and social circles. If this is this indicative of some future Demarco disciple/emotive crossover, Vega is clearly one of the artists at the forefront.

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