[Song] Matt & Kim – Haunting Me

Here’s how fresh-off-the-presses this four song EP is: Matt & Kim recorded it literally this past week, between Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 of Coachella. That’s striking while the iron is hot.

The hot iron being the urgency of inspiration. Refreshed and enthusiastic about their ideas, Matt & Kim have a bite-sized 11 minute EP on Spotify now. It speaks to the simplicity of Matt & Kim’s style, but it also speaks to their immediacy. They’re like instant coffee — maybe it’s not labored over, single cup immersion brewing, but damn, it tastes good, right?

My favorite song here is “Haunting Me,” since it reminds me of raw, bare bones Matt & Kim. They take a couple of semi-bold moves on some of the other songs, but “Haunting Me” feels like their reliable wheelhouse.

Listen to the whole thing here on Spotify.

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