[Video] Flaunt – This Is What Happens When You Let Me Down

In one of the more provocatively well-produced videos from abroad of 2016, Flaunt’s “This is What Happens When you Let Me Down” exists in the strange musical atmosphere that straddles the sounds of Air, Audioslave, and a fine vintage snifter of Hilltop Hoods. Following the release of their equally confusing Rave Noir, Flaunt’s latest video is a mesmerizing visual definition of cognitive dissonance.

Following an aged man in the countryside who documents a young increasingly estranged couple, Flaunt’s video is strangely familiar in a “didn’t some obscure European electronic duo do this like 10 years ago?” sort of way. For a fairly well formed concept that accompanies a non-linear track, it’s something to be seen.

There’s a sneaking suspicion that in the right state of mind and under the circumstances of being delirious, this video will really hit the spot. When viewing videos by Flaunt and listening to Rave Noir, this writer is reminded of hearing Metronomy for the first time on a Saturday afternoon amidst ripping through The Stone Roses discography and feeling without the tools to internalize it properly. However, in a later listening session taking place at approximately 3 a.m. and following nothing but the Coltrane albums Rolling Stone had recommended (for the people who only know him as the guy on the stamp) it finally came to me.

I reckon that’s the process that what will happen with the video for “This Is What Happens When You Let Me Down,” too. It’s entirely too mesmerizing not to spread around and is too far from awful that giving all of Rave Noir a listen ought to come naturally.

Give the video a look and check out our past coverage of Rave Noir on the site.

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