[Review] Night Marcher – Modern Maze


Rob Reinfurt’s career has shown that he is clearly a part of the cult of emulating Dan Auerbach, and on his latest endeavor Modern Maze with band Night Marcher doesn’t deviate much from history. Evoking the elastic sound The Keys had nailed na decade ago, Night Marcher is one of the more excitable projects Reinfurt has released, but also one best-oriented for the onslaught of festival rock releases.

Constructing a mythology around the group, Reinfurt owes his now-resolved legal problems to fuel the impetus for the project as well as the Hawaiian lore of night marchers (the souls of ancient warriors.) It’s confounding how either of these translates to the record whatsoever, but in any case it’s a massive amount of clarity on Reinfurt’s end. Whatever credo he’s subscribing to in order to make this record happen is just fine, even if it is personal and perceivably literal ghosts.

Night Marcher is joined by a notably adept rhythm section, featuring Peter Adams on the keys. Adams and Reinfurt play well off of one another – suspend your disbelief and imagine a Pete Doherty and “Don’t worry, I’ll fix this” Johnny Greenwood relationship.

Modern Maze turns out to be an excellent blend of Alabama Shakes-lite with a massive amount of empathy throughout. Reinfurt realizes he’s at a dead end and realizes that Night Marchers may seemingly be a short-term solution. Then again, Night Marchers has proved to be more absolute in one venture than most of Reinfurt’s career. Whether this is finally his niche or leads directly into said niche, it’s a micro success that’s sure hard to ignore.

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