[Song] Car Seat Headrest – Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales

I’m glad that lyric videos have become part of the official single release arsenal; a song like “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales” really benefits from the clarity of its story and the gorgeousness of typography rolling across the screen. It’s surely an upgrade from the early days of lyric videos when everyone would type lyrics in Arial over a picture of a sunset in Windows Movie Maker.

Car Seat Headrest’s “sit up and pay attention” breakthrough was their last album, Teens of Style, which was purely a lo-fi masterpiece. But this is bold new territory that pierces the fuzz curtain. Now it’s crystal and hyper sharp, in sound quality and vivid angst. He writes lyrics the way neurotic people talk; by explaining their explanations, with prefaces and burdensome self-awareness. This song is a noticeable step up that will surely pay off, as the follow-up album Teens of Denial hits hype critical mass.

Teens of Denial is out May 20 via Matador Records.

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