[Review] Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1


From the perspective of someone who is assuredly not a wealth of knowledge in the electronic and dance genres, there’s a quite a bit of so-called contemporary music that can go over my head. I, for one, have made it my mission (crucible) to work sideways and backwards through music, narrowly missing a vast majority of what is revered by the populous simply due to sheer lack of time to consume tunes.

Nevertheless, it should be the role of anyone who considers himself on the fringe of music authority to invest some time in the unexplored. As luck would have it, a fantastic and accessible Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 compilation from the NY-based electronic label, Teknofonic Recordings seems to do just the trick. With crossover to EDM, house, and genre-bending that defies the norm of electronic and dance, Teknofonic Essentials are just that – essentials representing an incredibly wide swath of influences and moods.

Though a highly diverse collection, the thread seemingly connecting most if not all of the tracks is a visible and influence from the vernacular of ‘90’s electronic. From The Human Condition to “Body Talk” by J Tizzle to the titillating “Obama Goes To Cuba,” there’s a global influence condensed down into something ultimately overtly sincere. It’s a refreshing take from what is generally purported as hard and fast dance music.

Consider Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 an NPR-curated playlist of the genre with all of the ethnographic sensibilities and none of the stuffy and uninvolved bias. The collection is a great primer for someone looking into the music or for simply a subversive take on the genre.

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