[Review] Tehnoloogiline Päike – Technological Sun

If not for the sheer novelty of experiencing Estonian experimental electronic rock alone, Tehnoloogiline Päike’s (Technological Sun) latest is a ebullient and well-crafted ode to kicking away the blues from a country that otherwise suffers from a deficit of global exposure to their art. This is criminal, considering how seamlessly Technological Sun fits into the modern electronic vernacular. Evoking the self-empowerment of late ‘90’s dancefloor anthems, it’s less of a throwback and more of a commentary from abroad.
It’s curious that we live in a time where “Walking On A Dream” is having such a strange renaissance seven years after the fact, as if our digging into the collective continental electronic scene now has to be directed backwards and sideways to provide airplay and commercials for your neighbor’s new whip. Although Tehnoloogiline Päike commercially falls into the category of World Café versus Honda Civic, it transcends even those venues. The global part of the conversation need only be discussed when your geographically inclined friend demonstrates where the country lies on a map (as you nod and feign former knowledge) as the sensibilities and polymorphous positioning to provide a soundtrack are at the forefront of the music.
Instrically, there’s a few instances where the language barrier is confronted and vocalist Evar Anvelt’s mode of tackling it becomes a Sigur Ros-esque nonsense warble. These tactis are welcomed when the backdrop is a pleasingly Atlantic warp on influences from America, Africa and Eastern aesthetics.

There’s perhaps a reason Tehnoloogiline Päike is one of the most hailed acts from their home country – they represent a raw and barrel chested approach an adoration of music far and wide. Technological Sun is honest, uplifting and overall something you can throw on and get insane world music credit.

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