[Song] Andrew Bird – Left Handed Kisses Ft. Fiona Apple

If you told me Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird made a song together, I would brace my very soul for baring the weight of the world. Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird are easily in my top five core-shaking songwriters. I would not expect to make it through their duet intact.

“Left Handed Kisses,” it turns out, is just kinda swell! It’s not how you’d imagine the two would meld their sounds. It would be upbeat if you didn’t pay attention to the words, which is what matters most with these two. Bird interrogates his own love song writing between jarring, stop-on-a-dime refrains. Once it gets rolling in classic Bird style, sliding in on a violin, it’s damn good. When they join in a harmony it’s perfect, exactly what you want from them, but perhaps by design, it’s so fleeting and temporary.

Andrew Bird’s 10th album, Are you Serious? is out April 1st via Loma Vista.

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