[Review] Flaunt – Rave Noir


With the release of Rave Noir, the latest album from indie-synth rockers Flaunt demonstrates a sound rooted in an electronic fascination yet matured in a contemporary indie atmosphere. Less disparate than former material, Rave Noir explores the innerworkings of the ethereal machine the duo operates in rather than distancing themselves from it.

Despite hailing from Colorado, there’s something distinctly European-lite about Flaunt, both in the group’s deliberate presentation – think Royksopp – and the recondite videos attached to their singles. The sound hearkens back to an industrial approach to electronica, tinged with the melodrama expectant of an indie métier. Vocalist Justin Jennings’ uncertainty is transparent throughout – attempting to channel Trent Reznor or Brandon Boyd or whatever battery of ‘90’s male alt-rock vocalists exists oddly works out.

Mostly exploring a cacophony of arcane sounds looped over disjointed musings, Rave Noir doesn’t deal so much in the depth of lyrical content, but rather the breadth of material that is utterly peculiar. Broodingly atmospheric with theatrics to boot, the album is flexible enough to accomplish atmospheric pageantry as well as a level of emo-rock slander.

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