[Review] Fades – Fades


As one of the recipients of the doom grunge torch passed on (begrudgingly) by mid-90’s era Alice In Chains, British outfit Fades has quite the burden to shoulder on their debut EP. While the group may initially seem antiquated compared to contemporaries like Queens Of The Stone Age (“Gardenia” just secured an untouchable status for Homme) there’s something disarming about Fades that bolsters them to recognition.

In their 6-song debut EP, it’s evident the group attempted to cram as much soul-searching poetry and journal entries into the lyrics as possible. This nebulousness in content isn’t problematic, simply typical of a preliminary musical outing. With sometimes overly practical chords and textbook metal breakdowns, the EP is inoffensive and serves as a fine primer for that friend who “could never get into alternative rock.” Fades flex their chops and operate in near full capacity as a stylistic homage to Queens of The Stone Age and the ill-categorized stoner rock ilk.

Still, Fades has what can only be described as forced gloomy enjoyment on these tracks. These lads are probably having a better time recording than they’re letting on, but for a debut they oughta be allowed some fronting. The full album should prove fruitful when it drops, in the meantime Fades should brush up on some Atomic Bitchwax and early Alex Turner aggression.

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