[Video] Lana Del Rey – Freak

If you ever needed confirmation that Father John Misty was the top name in a particular brand of indie, here he is guest starring in a video for Lana Del Rey, pop music’s indie aesthetic avatar.

Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty essentially play off the same character trope — that heart-heavy romanticized 70s singer-songwriter — but FJM always did it for surreal humor while LDR wanted to cash in on its mystery and elegance. So it’s fitting that they share a screen, even if on paper it seems like a weird jump. It makes more sense when you see the video, because Josh Tillman’s look is the perfect update to the picturesque hippie who never returns from his LSD trip.

The second half is a nice, calming rumination of flowing beauty set to “Claire de Lune.” If that song messes you up like it does me, it’ll be your favorite part of the video.

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