[Video] Mleo – Ridiculous

In titling their single “Ridiculous,” Los Angeles- based alt-rockers Mleo certainly use the namesake for the corresponding video format quite literally. With a heavy-handed “men are animals” sentiment at the forefront of the narrative, the track is underscored brilliantly by Audrey Reed’s vocals and the skiffling guitar work courtesy of Victor San Pedro.

Mleo’s latest video premiere is reminiscent of when outfits like No Doubt or Incubus had some fun constructing a visual format to showcase a track rather than supply something to Vevo simply for the sake of doing so. “Ridiculous” is an excellent homage to the mid- 90’s fascination with facial dysmorphia (or masking altogether) and perhaps provides some salient commentary on current domestic Los Angeles culture.

In its simplicity Mleo produces something entirely catchy. Both the song and the video equate to something wholly shareable, maintaining all the while the qualities of a band sure to be on the rise in 2016.

Reed is a powerhouse on “Ridiculous,” fluctuating between modern modality and something certainly antiquated. Reed avoids something of a Gwen Stefani lite by emphasizing a supremely powerful voice over offering the avant garde. The perceived conventions don’t detract from the video’s overall view of empowerment. If anything, Mleo is a refreshing reminder of moving back towards the orthodox.

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