[Video] Yeasayer – I Am Chemistry

If I could make my first recommendation to you for 2016: Go see Yeasayer in person. They’re a fun band, both visually and sonically, and the video for their new single “I Am Chemistry” just reinforces that reputation. It’s the kind of creepy/what the fuck video that has you saying “oh my god” within the first 30 seconds, sure, but if you can disengage from the stop-motion body horror sci-fi, there’s an awesome song under there. A tremor of a bassline and slick, impassioned vocals combine to make a thoroughly modern indie rock song, something that you don’t get a lot of these days. And that turn at the end! It’s glorious stuff.

The new album is called Amen & Goodbye and it’s out April 1st via Mute.

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    Man, what a great review!

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