The Best in the World 2015: Part Four


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Most Intimidating Concept Album
Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy

The Most Lamentable Tragedy is insane. At 29 songs in 1.5 hours, it is a concept album that you have to really sit down and read through. Even the LP playing order is difficult, with speed shifts and nonlinear sides to signal dream scenes. It’s a true rock opera that plays in punk, honky tonk, classic rock, whatever guitars used to dominate. It is to rock & roll music what To Pimp A Butterfly was to jazz fusion. The story itself is densely layered and manic, you need only watch the 4 song music video below to see that. I normally think the Genius annotations are lame, but in the case of this story of love, multiple identities, and mental illness, it is absolutely helpful. Above all it’s a rare specimen of ambition, and that deserves praise alone.

Multiple Eargasm Award
Jamie xx – In Colour

Nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance album, Jamie xx offers a multiprism of sound with In Colour. The artist’s versatility is showcased through the bass heavy “Gosh” to the smooth and mellow “Sleep Sound”. A solid album from start to finish, each song offers an auditory surprise – you just don’t know what he’s going to play next. An unpredictable feat, Jamie xx is able to prove he’s an artist of substance with a unique, transgressive sound. More artists should take note – treat each song with the same attention to detail and our soundwaves will be improved tremendously. – TAMARA SYED

Best Social Media Post
Getter “Suh Dude”

In the social media sphere, content is king. How entertaining and shareable your content is determines your success. Dubstep producer Getter is well aware of this concept, and has been creating some of the most hilarious content around. His magnum opus is without a doubt the “suh dude” video. The video has inspired many other memes and videos alike, but there will only be one, original “suh dude”. – TAYLOR BARNES

Runner up: Plies singing Adele while drinking in his car

Worst Thing About Popular Culture Today
Revival of mediocre TV shows and franchises

If you saw the news of “Girl Meets World” and “Fuller House” and didn’t think, “these are some mediocre low hanging nostalgia dollar grabs,” I kind of want to fight you. The new wave of revival is hitting the late 80s/early 90s sitcoms and, boy, is this the most bankrupt move yet. I don’t think these were bad shows, but they weren’t even close to classics that deserve such reverence and revisiting.

The most remarkable thing about these shows is that we were 8 when they were airing. That doesn’t make them inherently good. That just makes us suckers for easy marketing because we consume anything that makes us feel like kids again. Millenials have taken to complaining about their childhood being killed by bad revamps, but at some point, your childhood’s supposed to be over, right? — JUSTIN PANSACOLA


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