The Best in the World 2015: Part Two


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Most Necessary Slice of Life Alt-Comic
Killing and Dying by Adrian Tomine

Sometimes it seems like there are too many “alternative” comics that trade in slice of life literary fiction. Maybe as a reaction to the prevalence of their mainstream superhero brethren, maybe because the strength of the form allows small, plain moments to ring loudly in a panel. Either way, if the premise of your comic is just “scenes from life,” it can be a hard sell. There’s no one better than the methodical Adrian Tomine, whose latest collection Killing and Dying is 5 short stories that feel complex, charming, heartbreaking and utterly unique. Each story feels like a truly specific life, and one that reveals the multitudes and dimension within your average person. In a Tomine story, no one is average, and everyone’s story is worth telling in one meticulously drawn frame at a time. – JUSTIN PANSACOLA

Best Bob Dylan Bootleg Series to Span Over the Recording Process of Blonde On Blonde
Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Volume 12 1965-1966
If one were to follow this blog from our inaugural , one may notice that a Bob Dylan bootleg or compendium is always present on our “Best Of” lists. This, however, only reflects that a Dylan bootleg is released annually around the time of our list-making. Coincidence? A highly probable scenario. Though, through a strict and secret vetting process we here at Moxipop have found Dylan’s 12th bootleg installation to rank among the best. With alternate versions of “Visions of Johanna” and “Absolutely Sweet Marie” offering just as brilliant interpretations as those featured on the seminal alt-country album, it may not seem blasphemous to consider the 2015 versions just as genial as ones to come 50 years earlier. – JAKE TULLY

The Holy Fuck Didn’t See That Coming Award
The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is horror mastermind Eli Roth’s latest masterpiece. Yes, a cannibal movie about college activists is what I consider a masterpiece – at least this one is. A thriller with satirical undertones and plenty of gore was not what I expected when the opening credits flashed on the screen. Peaceful images of the Amazon rainforest enveloped the theater and I would have never guessed all the insanity that was about to ensue. Throughout the movie you find yourself questioning whose side you should be on: the captured activists mistaken for land developers or the cannibals seeking revenge for their mistreatment. Whichever side you choose this movie will leave you thinking twice before signing up for the latest Greenpeace initiative. Activists beware! – TAMARA SYED

Most Hyped Up Historic Return That Will End Up Being Entirely Forgotten
Belle & Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Just Want to Dance

Five years ago, I would’ve thought the next Belle & Sebastian album would’ve been a contender for biggest music event of whatever year it came out. Now, part of the problem is that 2015 is just stacked with high profile releases and out of nowhere surprises. Even for Belle & Sebastian, a band who popularized the soft, sensitive, precious, twee sound that would overtake credit card commercials for years to come, cannot stand up to the onslaught of new: Taylor Swift, Adele, Sleater-Kinney, Sufjan Stevens, Tame Impala, Grimes, Kendrick Lamar and Titus Andronicus are all genre-leaders that dominated the media buzz cycle and our attention economy all year. There was simply no room to pay attention to B&S who may have been dear to a listener in 2006. But the biggest problem: the album just wasn’t that great. “Nobody’s Empire” being the only except and a legit top 20 song of the year, most of the album washed away into nothingness. They leaned heavy on slightly groovy retro music, which has worked in the past, but man, it still put me to sleep.

Please god just stop
Kid Cudi

Although Cudi seems hell bent on making music that lacks any semblance of synthesizers and electronic devices, he seems to be ignoring the fact that hip-hop is very much built around the use of these things. He seems to have lost touch with reality, which is very apparent in his new noise-garage- rock trash music. Cudi was formerly known for his melodic moans, but now Cudi’s vocals have taken on a new form, most closely resembling the sounds of a dying animal. With that being said, I have am message for Kid Cudi: For the love of god please stop. – TAYLOR BARNES

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