[Video] Jeff Crosby – City Girls

Though bred in Idaho and primed elsewhere, Jeff Crosby’s role as Midwest jongleur translates entirely well elsewhere.

In support of Crosby’s newly released record Waking Days and his upcoming December tour, the video premiere of “City Girls” evokes the fabled Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter, reminiscent of early Jackson Browne. Crosby often crafts songs within the oeuvre of his misappropriated namesake (despite looking and sounding like Croz his father is not 4 and 20 years removed) providing

The lo-fi minimalist video for “City Girls” parcels out Crosby’s apparent affinity for long drives, bourbon and the complex nature of metropolitan women whose behavior confounds that of an ennui-stricken Idahoan. Though more of a session set in a devastated hotel room inter-spliced with shots of the outside world, the video nonetheless exemplifies the courage necessary to face a jaunt outside despite the immediate world falling in around oneself.

Ultimately, “City Girls” is less Crosby recanting about the titular woman in question and more about the idealism of an era he’s romanticized living in – and rightfully so. Crosby would’ve been a happy addition as a frequent guest at Big Pink or sitting in on Warren Zevon sessions. However, Crosby’s got the luxury of looking back through the scope of the greats and profiling himself in their name.

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