[Video] Yung Lean – Hoover

Swedish rapper Yung Lean’s new video for “Hoover” is all about anticipation. The elements are there to build up the intrigue: constant slow motion, out of order chronology, hints of violence and dark, grimy mud. All of this keeps you on edge waiting for that weirdo breaking point.

It doesn’t really come — if anything, the chronology of events just resolves itself — but upon further reflection that’s interesting in its own way. Instead of build up and break through, it’s a video all about the build up. Like a camera hovering over an empty room after a scene ends, or the anticipatory silence of baseball between hits, “Hoover” is a nice short film made nicer with an almost industrial rap song. It completely overrides any feelings you may have about his dopey haircut or boyish western European vibe. Exactly the kind of thing he ought to be making.

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