[Video] Fucked Up – All I Really Want (Alanis Morrisette Cover)

Hardcore or punk covers of songs that are explicitly not hardcore or punk are hit or miss, with more frequently registering as a miss. Once you get past the novelty of “lol this is the opposite of the thing it is,” it just kinda comes off as a snarky, lazy, one note joke.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH FUCKED UP’S COVER OF ALANIS MORRISETTE. I mean, it depends on your capacity to appreciate Damian Abraham’s world-famous growling vocals, but if that falls within your tastes, this is an inspired cover. I kinda want to see how this would play out if they were given time to record and experiment with it proper. There’s a feeling that Abraham’s just nailing down the lyrics for the first time, but I’d be interested to see what choices he’d make if he got to sit with the song for a few weeks.

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